Karen Law and Junko Yamamoto have captured a slice of Aloha with their business venture in Wallingford, just north of downtown Seattle. Hawaiian Breeze warmly opened it’s doors as Fall began in 2005. The two have managed to keep the Aloha spirit alive through the Winter months with years of combined restaurant hospitality experience paired with Yamamoto’s family recipes and marinades she learned from her childhood on the island of Oahu with her Japanese aunt and native-Hawaiian uncle. Together, they have created a Hawaiian food and Pan-Asian dining experience that is just a step above the rest. All the meals are completely homemade, very fresh, and bursting with flavor from the hand-formed seasoned beef patties and special barbeque marinade (which contains 15 secret ingredients) to the delicious desserts such as mango pudding and real Hawaiian Shave Ice.

“What a lot of people don’t realize, is that a lot of Hawaiian food is influenced by the pan-Asian culture, like the Japanese, Filipino, Korean or Chinese, and vice versa.” – Karen Law

“I only wanted to serve the freshest cuts and the best-quality food. Even when the weather gets cold, it should feel like Hawaii – warm!” – Junko Yamamoto